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Welcome! You've wandered to our little website! Hope you enjoy yourself! You can learn a little about us and a little about Texas Ag!

Our little business is growing and selling fresh vegetables and fruits! We grow a variety of summer vegetables, stone fruits (peaches and plums) and blackberries on approximately 25 acres of bottom ground along the headwaters of the McCall Creek in Blanco County, Texas.  The rich soil has settled against the tall limestone bluffs along the creek over time and is giving us the benefits of the minerals that are natural in this area. Most folks scratch their heads and wonder how in the world, in this rocky area, could anyone have rich soil! Well, we do! And yes, we know how lucky we are to have been blessed with the fields!

We have now closed our little retail operation. We will continue on our commercial end of our business selling to our nephew and brother in law who sell at Farmer's Markets in Austin. 

And thanks for stopping by!

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